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Our team engages in a range of activities, including volcanic hazard assessments, physical volcanology studies, and software and database development. We conduct field expeditions, data analysis, and contribute to scientific research and knowledge dissemination in the field of volcanology.

These objectives collectively align with the mission of the «Applied Volcanology» research team to advance scientific understanding and practical applications in the field of volcanology, ultimately promoting the safety and resilience of communities in volcanic regions.

Some of our objectives include:

Improved Hazard Assessment

Conduct comprehensive hazard assessments for active volcanoes, integrating geological, historical, and real-time data to assess potential threats to nearby communities.

Volcanic Deposits Characterization

Analyze volcanic deposits to understand eruption dynamics, identify eruption sources, and assess potential impacts on infrastructure, society and environment.

Cutting-edge Research

Conduct pioneering research in volcanology, exploring emerging areas such as geothermal energy potential, and volcanic hazards in a changing climate.

Cross-disciplinary Research

Collaborate with other scientific disciplines, such as geophysics, remote sensing, and social sciences, to gain a holistic understanding of volcanic systems and their impacts.

Promote Capacity Building

Provide training and support to local authorities and communities to enhance their capacity for responding to, and recovering from volcanic disasters.

Volcanic Preparedness

Contribute to improve volcanic preparedness, response, and recovery, sharing knowledge and experiences with the international scientific community.

Outreach and Education

Engage initiatives to raise awareness about volcanic hazards, emergency preparedness, and the importance of scientific monitoring.

International Collaboration

Foster partnerships with international organizations and research institutions to share expertise, data, and resources for global volcanic research.